10 beautiful, inexpensive Valentines Day celebration Ideas

If you don’t have the time to plan a fancy Valentines day celebration, or are feeling a tad creatively challenged, this post is for you.

Valentine’s Day is the made up holiday that everyone loves to hate. We refuse to succumb to the pressure of hearts and flowers and teddy bears everywhere. We are so cool. Until the evening of 13th February, that is..

Now that its too late for planning, we suddenly feel like doing something special for our partners, friends, parents, whomever we love, because we don’t want them to be the only person in the whole wide world who didn’t receive flowers on valentines day.

The problem with most online inspiration is that it is targeted at people who are craftsy and love their DIY projects. Well, I wanted to write something for those feeling not-so-craftsy and for those to whom inspiration doesn’t politely appear when most needed.

Let’s get started!
1. Movie night
Valentines day 2014 has done us the good turn off showing up on a Friday. Yay, weekend! Rent your favourite movie, pop some corn in the microwave, cosy up and watch. The perfect celebration idea for a group of friends too! With more booze /pizza than cosying up.

2. Dance together
You don’t have to go to a crowded club. In fact, I much prefer to avoid all crowds on these special days. Just you, your partner, your favourite song list on your phone. You can dance at home, in a park, by the sea. Simple, intimate and comfortable.

3. Catch the Sunrise
The sunrise doesn’t get nearly enough love as the sunset. Yes, it’ll make for an early morning, but it will be quiet and incredibly special. Wake your partner up early, tell them to get in the car, drive to somewhere with a great view of the sunrise. If you have the day off or can spare the time, follow the sunrise with breakfast.
Note: if there’s no time, keep a banana or liquid breakfast ready so that nobody gets crabby!

4. Le Bath
Draw them a fancy bath. Candles, oils, the whole nine yards. Play some music, hand them a glass of wine or whatever they like. Let them soak alone or join them. Good times, either way.
If you don’t have a bathtub, give them a massage or a foot rub.

5. Household Chores
Not very romantic sounding, but tell me you wouldn’t jump the person who vaccumed, dusted, washed the dishes and told you to just relax and put your feet up.

6. Make them breakfast
Always so special. If you’re feeling a little cheesy, buy a heart shaped cookie cutter and go nuts! Heart shaped eggs, bread, cheese. They’d definitely get a laugh out of it!

7. Some place special
Go somewhere that’s special to you both. Where you first met, first kissed , anywhere that means something to you. Stroll about and take it all in.

8. Notes
Leave little notes where your partner will see them. The wash basin mirror, the fridge, their wallet or purse. Something simple and sweet, or naughty as hell, there’s something so sexy about receiving a special note.

9. Buy a gift that’s meaningful
My favourite gifts to give are the small, thoughtful kind that are great for occasions as well as ‘just because.’ They’re usually the things that people forget to buy for themselves. A hot water bottle for an aching back, moisturiser that’s running low, that book on their reading list. It shows them you care and pay attention to them.

10. Spend time together planning something special
Plan a vacation or a weekend getaway, or that hobby class or fitness workshop that you’ve been wanting to do together. Make it the day you set that date, book that class, plan that trip. The day you made time for each other and planned an adventure.

These ideas are simple and thoughtful and easy to do. And if you decide to do a combination of them, it will pack a punch!

What are you planning to do on Valentines day? I’d love to hear from you!


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